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SXE Twin

SXE Twin

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Canon or Nikon


SXE Twin is a twin-flash camera bracket designed for macro photography. The two arms are adjustable, allowing you to customize the position of each flash, and fix it in place.

Designed by Dr Mike Gray; after trying the available twin flash brackets on the market for dental photography, he felt there was either too much adjustment, or not enough. So he went into his workshop and designed and built what would be the prototype of the SXE twin. After successfully using that for 18 months, he then refined his design into what you see before you today and tested that for a further 18 months.

Choose between the Universal set-up, for flash mounts (cold shoes) suitable for Canon, or the Nikon set-up, for flash mounts (cold shoes) compatible with the SB-R200 Speedlight style flash mounts. To use a Sony camera with this bracket, you may need to source flash mounts (cold shoes) specific to your flash. However some flashes mount the same as the Nikon - so carefully study the pictures and compare to your own flash.

  • Made of Aluminium
  • Splash pattern may vary
  • 001 - SXET
  • For inquiries regarding international shipping, kindly reach out to us directly at
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